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Our System

BŌK Architectural Metal Systems


  • Panels are laser cut in an infinite array of standard or custom patterns as well as solid panels.
  • Panels can be used for balcony railings, stair panels, wall screens, fences, green screens, sunshades, rainscreens, Juliette balconies, and more.
  • BŌK systems can be a ‘signature’ aesthetically integral component of the project versus commonly available railings and perforated metals.


  • BŌK’s systems form structural components into the panels which is a very efficient use of material. Generally, no posts or secondary structural support is required.
  • We use the latest automated technologies utilizing Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery.
  • There is no labor intensive hand cutting, welding or grinding in the shop and no fabrication required in the field.
  • Installation process is simplified, resulting in lower installation costs.


  • BŌK’s durability comes from our 2-coat Fluorocarbon Coating System (prime, color): Manufacturer’s standard 2-coat thermo-cured system, composed of specially formulated inhibitive primer and fluorocarbon color topcoat. We also provide anodization or Kynar on aluminum, with extended warranties up to 20 years.

BŌK is Environmentally Friendly


  • Our process eliminates on-site waste and all factory waste is recycled.

Eliminates Emissions from Gas Welding

  • Additionally, all manufacturing emissions are controlled in the factory.

Recycled Content

  • BŌK is made from aluminum and steel containing up to 100% recycled content.


  • 100% Recyclable for aluminum and steel at numerous reclamation stations all over the world.

Low Maintenance

  • Our finishes require mild soap and water cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals such as bleach or solvents.

LEED Compliancy

  • Based on a job-to-job analysis, BŌK Modern can contribute to several LEED credit categories. A complete listing is available upon request.

Local Manufacturing

  • BŌK has factories in multiple locations which can reduce long distance transportation fuel and emissions.


  • There are no volatile organic compounds released during the curing of powder coat finishes.
  • Anodizing (most favorable toward environmental regulations) is non-hazardous and produces no harmful by-products.


BŌK Modern was developed by architect Russ Naylor, the Principal of NC2 Architects in response to the limited cost effective options on the market for custom railings and other architectural metal systems.

The fabrication of ornamental metalwork has remained relatively unchanged since the invention of iron. In the beginning, individual iron elements were forged and then assembled using rivets or hand wrought ties. The only real major advancement since then has been the use of welding, but it is still a very labor intensive process of cutting pieces, welding them together and then hand grinding, filling and sanding. Most standard picket and pipe railing still use this process.

Machine punched perforated panels, and later laser cut panels, were later developed, however typically they are mechanically fastened to a secondary structural steel sub-frame, again using hand labor intensive fabrication techniques. Most recently, the advancement of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery was developed to both cut and form complex sheet metal parts for aerospace and other technology industries.

What if you took a flat sheet of aluminum or steel, strategically laser cut it with virtually in infinite array of patterns, and then folded structural integrity directly into the panel eliminating the need for welding, secondary posts or other structural elements?

Through prototyping and testing, we discovered that by eliminating much of the hand labor, we were able to prove an extremely customizable yet cost effective system by reducing installation times as well.

After many years of research and development, BŌK Modern has taken this simple philosophy and translated it into numerous architectural metal product types, including guardrails, Juliette balconies, architectural screens, fencing, sunscreens, and louvers, among others, including a very efficiently installed patent pending rainscreen system.