Azure Mission Bay

Mission Bay Block 13

Azure Mission Bay

San Francisco, CA

BŌK guardrails were used extensively on this high rise residential project in San Francisco’s Mission Bay district.

The challenging factor on the project was there were too many post tensioning cable ends on the slab edge which prohibited imbed weld plates to support the panel brackets.

BŌK’s solution was to design a flag shaped bracket that could be inset and grouted into the top of the slab via a 4″ diameter cast “can”.

The result was a guardrail unit that could be pre-assembled, dropped into the “cans” and grouted level in place significantly reducing installation costs.

The same pattern was used on a dramatic feature wall with backlit accents and our “rust effect” finish emulating a rusted ship’s hull.


Architect / Designer:
HKS Architects

General Contractor:
Nibbi Brothers

Product Type:
Balcony Guardrail, Trellis, Wallscreen