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You can choose a pattern from our pattern library or see "cost effective planning" on how to customize your own pattern. Please note that the simpler the pattern.
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Design Support

We pride our track record of guiding clients through complex, custom projects, recommending strategic solutions that have been not only groundbreaking but also saving considerable cost savings over conventional construction methods.

We recommend a face-to-face design meeting to assess the complexity of the project and as well as offering design assist at no charge for simpler projects. For more complex projects, we can provide a Design Contract where we work with you and our engineers to design and develop design and technical details to provide a firm cost for your client.

We love providing solutions for simple to complex design challenges so please inquire at 415-749-6500 x 295 or through our contact page.


Commercial Canopy
Prefabricated Building Structure
Feature Stair Cover
Rooftop Canopy
Sculptural Element
Special Effect Façade
Custom Mechanical Screen
Custom Lights
Custom Reception Desk
Stair Tower Cover
Sculptural Bridge
& more!