We leverage extensive experience across optimized manufacturing practices and value engineering. At BŌK Modern, we help you figure out the details to champion your design vision, understanding architectural intent and the sequencing of construction.
Product Specifications
Product Specifications

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Green Specifications
Green Specifications

All of our systems are designed to be pre-fabricated to the greatest extent possible, minimizing production and environmental waste. Through recyclability, product life-span and low maintenance, solar control systems, organic finishes, local manufacturing, and LEED compliance, our aim is to be sustainable across all facets of production.


Installation of the BŌK Modern system reduces labor time compared to conventional railing and panel systems and should be factored into the overall install price. We provide all panel-to-panel stainless steel hardware. In most instances, no additional brackets are required. Additionally, there is no field cutting, on metal panels and railings required. Your architect and engineer simply provide the anchoring details for your specific building type and application. Most often, and as a result, secondary structural steel systems (such as welding) are strategically eliminated.*

*BŌK Modern is a material supplier only and does not provide installation service. We can source installation quotes from certified installers upon request.

Cost Effective Planning
Cost-Effective Planning

Understanding how to specify our products for cost-effectiveness is key to ensuring client satisfaction, sustainability, and streamlining the manufacturing process.

Universal Bracket
Universal Mount

The patented BŌK Modern Universal Mount is a simplified solution for mounting most of our architectural panel systems. Its innovative design allows for fast and easy installation while providing a wide range of adjustability for field tolerances.

Wall screen

EnFold Façade Wallscreen systems are applicable to building exteriors, parking garage screens, and vinescreens as well as a variety of interior room divider, wall and ceiling applications. Designed with the same precision laser cutting typical throughout the entire BŌK Modern line of products, EnFold Façade Wallscreens can encompass an infinite array of patterns and shapes, and be finished in Kynar, powder coat, anodized aluminum, or weathered/oxidized surface (Cor-ten) steel.


Founded on the proven principals of BŌK Modern’s line of products, EnFold Façade’s patented Rainscreen system is unique to the façade market. Our Rainscreen is a non-flammable, solid sheet metal, single skin panel – not a composite. Panels can be solid, bas-relief, or custom laser cut to your specifications in aluminum or weathering steel, and custom formed to an infinite variety of 3-dimensional configurations. Finishes include Kynar, powder coating, anodized aluminum, and weathered/oxidized surface (Cor-ten) steel.