The Exchange (17434 Bellflower)

The Exchange

Bellflower, CA

BŌK Modern’s custom cladding vividly transforms this abandoned department store in downtown Bellflower. Our rainscreen/wallscreen hybrid, designed to accommodate integrated lighting, provides a modern face to a new co-working space and helps to revitalize the neighborhood. This 41,000 square foot space now hosts a creative office and co-working space with a restaurant and brewery on the ground floor.

Whereas more traditional cladding systems would not have allowed installation clearances for tooling between panels and the face of the building, our hybrid system allowed installers to easily hang each panel from brackets without welding. Special care was paid to closing the visual gaps between the building and the cladding system at the edge and underside of the cladding conditions to provide seamless visual continuity.

Photos by Brian’s Perspective


General Contractor:
Howard CDM

Product Types:
Wallscreen/Rainscreen Hybrid


17434 Bellflower

17434 Bellflower

17434 Bellflower

17434 Bellflower