Standard Gate

Standard + Custom

Our gates are non-welded, sturdy, and beautiful. Upon construction, they are ready to accept your own hardware or you can choose from a selection of ours. They can be laser cut in the pattern of the fence, or constructed of solid metal. They are also great for utility alcoves containing gas meters, for example, as they are visually open, well ventilated and can be made up to 10’ tall.

BŌK Modern continues to push the envelope on the potential of brake-forming metal panels. From impossibly large, cantilevering canopy structures to entire buildings, BŌK has been a trusted member of the architectural and construction community since it was founded in 2010. We love a challenge; let us show you what we can do to transform your design vision into reality.  

Mechanical Screen


Our fence system can also be used
as mechanical screens.

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