A Vibrant Renaissance in Formed Metal Panels

A Vibrant Renaissance in Formed Metal Panels

As a design and fabrication firm, we are on the forefront of a revitalization of formed metal panels.  Using pioneering techniques, we can integrate design with architecture and incorporate both ornament and structure into a single metal panel.

The results are sturdy, lightweight and boundlessly customizable.  They can be cut and folded from a variety of metal plate, laser cut with an array of patterns or left solid, and finished with powder coatings.

In addition to interior and custom applications, our standardized products include guardrails, façade cladding, canopies, sunshades, balconies, rainscreens, fencing systems and even entire structures.

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Structurally Integrated Metal Panel System for Building Façades

Our panel systems can be staggered to add additional rigidity and enormous scalability.  This method was put to use beautifully at the Moscone Convention Expansion designed by SOM Architects.

Staggering panels increases the strength of the system and all but eliminates the need for heavy, structural steel backing, which allows the scrim to ‘hang’ from a single row of structure at the roof and be simply pinned out from the building for lateral support only. SOM’s custom ‘diamond’ patterning in a white Kynar finish provides the illusion of a third dimension to the otherwise flat screens.

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Formed Metal Panels as A Complete Building System

An amenity pavilion at Station Park Green in San Mateo by GLS Landscape Architects utilizes staggered panels and a mast-like hanging system to eliminate the originally designed steel framing.  Because of the increased integrity that folding provides, BŌK Modern’s panel system severely reduces or altogether eliminates the need for additional support substructures simplifies installation.  Thus, raw material and manual labor requirements are dramatically reduced and any waste is salvaged and recycled during fabrication, which significantly increases sustainability.

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Re-Imagining the Traditional Truss

A great example of the versatility of our panel systems is the wind-baffling canopy designed for the residential tower at 1500 Mission Street, San Francisco.  

The costs for the standard truss canopy, as originally designed, were well over budget due to the weight of the steel trusses that held up relatively lightweight aluminum panels.  

By folding the sides of the triangular panels and connecting folded edges together, BŌK emulated the truss system without the need for additional steel supports.  The result of this revolutionary re-imagining of the traditional truss is greatly reduced costs and dramatically improved aesthetic.

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